Gruyere and chocolate.

This sinfully delicious combination inspired me to start this blog.

I’m a 24 year old, young professional that loves to eat delicious, fresh food in my free time.  My love of delicious food necessetated me to start cooking.  I’ve been figuring my way around the kitchen since middle school and have learned a lot along the way.

There is something so stable and consistent about cooking that calms and comforts me.  I know that if I whip heavy cream long enough then I will get whipped cream.  I know if I add mix flour, cubed butter, and ice cold water, I’ll get pie dough. If I dry chicken before I throw it in a hot pan, it will brown.  If I cook pot roast, low and slow (low temp, long cooking time), the connective tissues will break down and it will result in a juicy, tender meat.  You get the point.

I think what I enjoy more though is providing a good meal for family or friends.  Your relationship with someone changes after you’ve made them a meal. There’s a bond that wasn’t there before. No one knew that more than my great grandma, Nangie.  She made farm fresh food, cooked in lard. She lived until she was 98 years old and was providing big meals for her family until the last day of her life. She’s always been a inspiration on how to live a good, fruitful, and meaningful life.  In someway she’s always cooking with me.


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